A suite of tools designed to allow an administrator, or other such geek, to continuously monitor, and log, a [large] set of serial consoles from hosts, networking equipment, or any other random thing that has serial output.

This project is in very early stages. Despite being more than 7 years old, I've never gotten it to the point where it was useful in a production (or even “beta”) way. Many appologies. Many things get in the way of such, including complete lacks of free time based on real work responsibilities, a social life or attempt there-at, and recently a newborn child. Many things, as noted, interefere with cool coding ideas.

But, with the help of the projects other developer, some progess has been being made in March and April of 2008. Among the changes coming in the redesign that is still on-going, we've started using Doxygen to generate documentation about the internals. This documentation will only be useful to people who want to know how the internals of the system work, but as we're in the midst of a reachitecture at the moment, that's about all you can see. At the moment, the code doesn't even work.

The generated documentation is available here.

At some point, more useful information will hopefully be put here. But, for now, feel free to take a look at the code through Sourceforge's SVN services for this project, or browse the sources through the web interface provided by Sourceforge.

Gotta love Sourceforge.